Bass Speakers In your living room: A List Worth Considering

speakers can literally change a song in its very core and they make an addition to your living room! Here are a list of speaker that you should look into:


JL Audio Slash Series V3 Amplifiers
These amplifiers originate from one of the company’s most legendary amplifier sets and were built upon the very platform that made history in the field of automotive amplification. This product truly encompasses some of the company’s latest technological and manufacturing materials. For instance, the moonblocks are approximately 20% more powerful than older amplifiers thanks to new Class D output circuitry. Furthermore, this amplifier, which is a total of four channels, offers the company’s Absolute Symmetry Class A/B output stage, which offers an output of 75Wx4. This product also contains the company’s Regulated Intelligent Power Supply technology, which helps to maintain a power output over many load impedances and battery voltages. This will automatically adjust to help maintain the rated output of the amplifier at all times regardless of either the input or the condition. Furthermore, the Advanced Rollback Thermal protection feature will ensure that your music will continue to play regardless of current climate conditions.

Audison Voce Amplifier
Audison, who gets its name from “audio” and the Latin word “sonus,” has always been known for manufacturing high quality car audio products that incorporate all of the latest technologies. This particular amplifier is the best example of one of leading products in its class in terms of versatility, power, and size. This product is a direct descendant of the Thesis series and brings the exact same sound quality and other features, including combining both digital and analog technologies. However, the only downside appears to be that this particular product is currently hard to find online, yet it still remains one of the best amplifiers around.

Kenwood Excelon X Series Amplifier
The best way to define this product is by using four simple phrases:

*Quality sound

All of the latest and greatest technologies have been incorporated into this particular amplifier, which include equalizer/crossover settings, audio tuning, and high voltage preouts. It also has a smaller footprint in terms of its overall design, which means it can be installed in tighter areas. Even though it’s more compact in size, aspects such as its class D design and efficient heat dissipation design make this amplifier incredibly efficient and allow it to handle virtually anything that you throw at it.

Alpine PDX Series Amplifier
This amplifier is also compact in nature, yet it still packs one heck of a punch as well. This is a class D product that has a frame measuring two inches tall. This amplifier contains a heat distribution system that has the ability to disperse heat to all of its heatsinks, which can cool the entire stack. Perhaps the biggest feature of this product, however, is the control and connector design, which essentially makes installing it incredibly easy thanks to pop-out connections and front-mounted controls that enable you to adjust and tune sound much easie

Television Without Pity

Frequently abbreviated as TWoP, Television Without Pity is a site on the web that offers detailed review of specific television reality shows and dramas, most of the time by scornful comments, on top of forums where members can talk about countless television related issues.

The website started through reviewing the TV show Dawson’s Creek and was initially named Dawson’s Wrap; afterwards it widened its range and altered its names to Mighty Big TV prior to deciding on the latest name.  The website is famous for its broad usage of the term “snark” to express its emblematic style of sardonic review; with their official saying “Spare the snark, spoil the networks”, taken from the popular saying “Spare the rod, spoil the child”.

Several producers and actors have been identified to visit the site.  Aaron Sorkin, creator of The West Wing posted in the forums, where his experience is deemed to have motivated the episode “The U.S. Poet Laureate”; in which the episode focuses on a character that posts something on his fan site and is fervently attacked by forum members for his violation of forum rules and his beliefs.  In disparity, Rob Thomas, maker of Veronica Mars, has completely embraced the message board society of TWoP; with a conversation thread in the forum of his show, open to straightly talk with viewers.

In recent years, the Television Without Pity posters have prearranged “TARCon”, a viewing party in New York City for the Amazing Race’s final season.  The group has been attended by a lot of contestants of the show from the past and current seasons.  Tubeelzebub, the website’s mascot, more often called “Tubey” is a demonic TV set sated with horns along with a pointed tail.  Queries can be requested of Tubey and are occasionally answered in the site’s section “Ask Tubey”.

Television Without Pity’s reviews vary in style, where some recappers write briefer, short reviews, while some write more absurdly, in some instances inserting situations of their personal life. As expected, every style draws different readers, with others preferring to utilize the website as information for missed episodes, and some favoring the humorous ones, which can be similarly enjoyable to people who have seen the episode.

The website’s forums are popular for elaborate rules and strict moderation.  Consequently, the society has at times been condemned as cliquey, self-regulatory, and elitist.  Television Without Pity has explained that this policy is required to guarantee decorum, although a lot of banned members oppose the claim.

What Surround System Speakers Bring To The Table

In case you are wondering why so many people make the investment in surround sound equipment, systems, and speakers there are many reasons for many different people. When it comes to surround sound, just as with many other things in life there is no one size fits all answer though for the most part the answer wouldn’t be because Mr. Jones has one (well maybe for some it would but for the most part it has more to do with wanting the system for a specific reason). There are a few common reasons that people decide to invest in surround sound and home theater systems and we will explore a few of them over the course of the next few paragraphs. Perhaps you will find the inspiration to get a surround sound system of your very own.

I will start with my very own personal reasons. First, when I was growing up my father was the manager of our local cinema. I spent many nights sleeping in the office and watching movies from the projector room and those are some of the fondest memories of my childhood. I will never forget watching The Return of the Jedi the night before it was released in the projector room with my father and a few members of the theater staff but there was nothing compared to watching the movies inside the auditorium. What was different? The sound. There is not enough that can be said about the quality of sound inside a theater and in days long past it simply couldn’t be imitated at home. However technology has been evolving over the course of the last ten years that is allowing us to bring the same quality of sound into our homes for a reasonable price. That is reason enough for me—to relive fond childhood memories.Surround sound systems are not expensive anymore. I spend more money in my travel suitcase than I do my actual surround sound speaker at bestbuy. The suitcase was used for one of my travels and was a one time expierince where as the surround sound speaker will be used for years and years.


Another excellent reason for bringing a surround sound system into your home is not so much for watching movies or enjoying the big screen as for the enjoyment of video games. Whether you are playing in the World of Warcraft or one of the many other wonderful worlds that have been created for online gaming enjoyment you will find that surround sound is a beneficial tool in keeping your character alive and intact. These games provide important clues that place you in the center of action with knowledge of what is going on around you if you take advantage of the audible clues, hints, and tips that are provided through ambient surround sounds.


If the reasons above aren’t enough to convince you to take a trip over to the bright side of the entertainment room, then perhaps the enhancements that surround sound provides to music will do the trick. Imagine hearing your favorite music with a fuller and richer sound, with the nuances completely defined and obvious to the ear. There is so much that can be said about the difference that surround sound makes (more with some types of music than others) and yet not enough that can be said about it. If you enjoy live recordings, imagine the ability to become a part of the crowd as the ambient sounds of being there fill your room. It’s truly an amazing effect for music.


As you can see there are many reasons to bring the wonders of surround sound into your home. I hope this article has shed some light on ways that it could improve your multimedia enjoyment and possibly given you some ideas for expanding your current use of your surround sound system.